2019 Cooks Seasonal Position

Wooleen is located north-east of Perth in the outback and is an award-winning hosted tourism business. We use tourism as a way to support our radical landcare project. We firmly believe that tourism should help nurture conservation and rehabilitation of our natural and cultural heritage. It is our goal that guests leave connected to country, aware of their surroundings and the choices they are making in life. As the cook at Wooleen you will also be directly engaged with this goal.

The hosted homestead stays are a true experience and insight into station life as owners and hosts, David and Frances, live in house along with their guests. No more than 10 guests are taken in at any one time to ensure that guests can receive a high-quality personalised service.

All meals are supplied during a guests stay in the homestead. Dinner is served in the formal dining room and breakfast and lunch is served in the kitchen. Frances and David eat with their guests – ensuring they get to understand all the nuts and bolts of a working station and the environmental project they have embarked upon. Meals and use of the homestead are exclusive to those who book the house to assure a personalised stay. Previous employees have summarised this as 'hosting a large dinner party every night'.

On a daily basis our guests are offered:

  • Continental and cooked breakfast
  • Lunch bar including salad items and homemade bread + wholesome salad options (read: quinoa, couscous, lentil. freekah etc) and soup in winter
  • Sweet or savoury options for afternoon tea
  • Pre-dinner grazing board (rotating: cheese and meats, dips, bruschetta etc )
  • Main meal and dessert

From 2008 - 2017, Frances prepared and severed the meals in the homestead. However, in 2018 we ventured out in an attempt to ‘up the ante’ of the experience we offer, and allow management to focus on growing the property in other areas. This was a large success for us and we'd like the chance to replicate this again. Frances is passionate about homemade wholesome food, she is anti-sugar (but appreciates it’s a necessary in cooking for paying customers) and has developed a hobby and interest in fermenting foods and brewing kombucha.

Wooleen offers a unique opportunity to engage with home-grown food including:

  • Beef grown on the station (processed in town),
  • Eggs from our chickens
  • Vegetables from the kitchen garden
  • Home made breads (either in bread maker orsourdoughh)

The successful applicant must:

  • Demonstrate the ability to plan a weekly menu and place orders
  • Be able to cope with remoteness (read: the supermarket/suppliers are 300kms away)
  • Cook ‘home-style’ meals with a professional twist
  • Embrace rich, wholesome, homemade, foods
  • Able to cater for vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, lactose intolerant and low sugar diets (on occasion, not regularly)
  • High standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Understanding of housekeeping routines and attention to details.
  • Organised and methodical
  • Ability to engage with customers in a genuine and meaningful way.
  • PASSION for food
  • Have an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Be up for an adventure and spontaneity
  • Be able to cook for the whole station: customers and staff (only 1 meal option required for all unless dietary requirements) averaging about 15-16 a day.
  • Be able to cook twice a month for large bus groups of 22 passengers plus staff.

This Station is open from April to October each year. July, August and September are extremely busy months.

Wooleen will supply ALL meals, amenities, uniform and accommodation (including linen and towels). A weekly WIFI  and alcohol allowance is included. No access to mobile reception for over 170kms.  Closest town 200kms.

Wooleen is dedicated to the rehabilitation of our environment - wages offered aren’t high and will depend on your level of experience. Our opportunity offers a one-off chance to live a unique lifestyle and be part of our goal for sustainable production.

Preferably non-smoking and no dietary requirements.

To become part of our team, send detailed information about yourself and a resume to frances@wooleen.com.au

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