Best Way to Travel the Outback – Gascoyne Murchsion Outback Pathways.

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Outback Pathways

Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways

The Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways is the best way to explore and travel the wonders of this region. Providing ready access to the brilliant red landscape each pathway has interpretive sites which offer travelers information, history and photographs to enrich the experience.

The pathways consist of three routes, The Wool Wagon Pathway, The Miners Pathway and the King Ford Smith Mailrun each offering a unique experience through out different areas of the Region.

Full of interesting information the Wooleen Wool Shed features as site number 6 on the Wool Wagon Pathway with 2 interpretive sites explaining the shed, its history and its fate. 

The pathways come with a full colour 175 page guide book and CD. The book offers further stories and history plus stunning photography by Samille Mitchell Grab a copy to assist with your holiday and then keep the book as a beautiful momento of the trip. Books can be purchased from the Department of Environment and Conservation here or from Visitor Centres in the area. Visit The Outback Pathways for more information.

ContactWooleen Station for further information or to purchase a copy of the Gascoyne Murchison Pathways.

Pathways Location

Location of the Pathways in WA

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