Cyclone Dominic Brings Water to Wooleen

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Cyclone Dominic crossed the coast in Onslow on the 27th of January, 2009 bringing significant rains with it, some of which fell in the Murchison. Wooleen Station only recieved 11mm out of the fall while stations further north have reported recieveing up to 170mm in a single fall!

The Murchison River has recieved large amounts of rain in its basin area of 82000 square kilometres and is now flowing. 36 kilometres of the river flows through Wooleen. As well as the Murchison River, the Rodderick River has also recieved heavy fall within it’s catchment and is flowing. The Rodderick river terminates as the Wooleen Lake and so an average coverage of water on the lake is expected to bring many bird species out for nesting.

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