Wooleen Lake is Teeming with Life

Tour group walking over large rock
Wooleen Lake: Settle your chair in and relax at dusk.

Wooleen Lake: Settle your chair in and relax at dusk.

The recent rain from Cyclone Dominic in January has turned the usually dry lake bed of Wooleen Lake into a wet wealth of life.

Wooleen Lake is approx. 5000 ha and has now been transformed into a wetland oasis. The flora surrounding the lake has already turned brilliant green contrasting with the red earth.

Bird life is flocking in from near and far for the coming nesting season. Some of these include swans, pelicans, herons, ibis, terns, countless ducks and many more, a full list of birds can be found here.

As well as birds the lake also comes to life with all sorts of crustaceans, frogs, turtles and fish whose eggs lay dormant in the dry lake bed until water arrives.

The water should remain for up to 10 months and is definitely not a  site to be missed!

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