Wooleen can experience extremes in weather and temperatures, ranging from frosts in winter to temperatures in the high 40s during the summer.

We recommend you plan ahead and ensure that you have enough food and water with you before setting out. The climate at Wooleen Station is described as semi-arid, characterised by large variations in temperature and moisture availability.


November to March are known for hot, dry days and mild to warm dewless nights. Summer is typically dry but at times tropical cyclones can develop off the north west coast of WA. As these cyclones cross the coast and weaken a rain bearing depression can move over the Murchison region. The rain can vary from light drizzle to widespread heavy falls. Wooleen Station closes for tourism over the summer months due to this intense heat and sometimes flooding rains.


April to October are known for mild days and cool to cold nights. Winter is marked with the increase of cold frontal activity located well to the south of WA. Only the strongest fronts make it to the Murchison region bringing widespread winter rainfall. Frosts can occur occasionally during the winter months.

Wooleen's average rainfall per year is 205mm. The highest ever annual rainfall was recorded in 1915 of 483.7mm and the lowest ever annual rainfall was recorded in 1979 of 47.4.

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Below is the average max and mean temperatures for the Murchison. Please use this as an indication only. Remember these are averages and that Wooleen can still experiences extremes in heat and cold at various times of the year.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Mean Max. (°C) 43.2 40.4 36.2 30.9 26.0 20.6 19.9 22.9 26.1 32.5 38.0 41.3 31.5
Mean Min. (°C) 22.3 23.1 20.0 16.3 11.1 7.5 6.2 7.0 9.4 13.0 16.6 20.1 14.3
Mean Rain (mm) 19.9 33.6 32.5 22.5 18.2 28.8 29.5 19.9 7.7 5.1 6.0 14.0 236.9
Mean Rain Days 3.2 4.2 3.7 4.2 4.2 6.8 6.5 5.0 2.8 1.5 2.0 2.8 45.4

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