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You can help us continue our quest for sustainable land regeneration by Adopting an Acre on Wooleen as a gift.

Your contribution will make a meaningful difference to our dream of restoring Wooleen so that it can be used sustainably by future generations.

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A land of unique wildlife, plant species and future food security

Wooleen is home to hundreds of different plants and animals unique to the outback. The magnificent Murchison and Roderick rivers run through the property and feed Wooleen Lake which is listed as a Nationally Important Wetland.

The Murchison region can lay claim to being one of the last fading vestiges of yesteryear, where time slows, nature sings, mythical and majestic landscapes invoke a sense of openness and you are able to let your senses and feelings guide your way.

We are balancing on a fine line

A host of pressures threaten our ability to continue rehabilitating Wooleen for the future. Historic degradation, widespread erosion, low rainfall and an urgent need for reform of antiquated outback laws are just a few. Some plant and animal species are threatened with extinction, so we can’t give up on finding a solution to providing food in a way that cares for the land.

Already we’ve had great success rehabilitating Wooleen. By removing stock from the station and actively intervening with works such as our own invention, envirorolls, which traps and slows flowing water across the landscape, nature is bouncing back. By Adopting A Wooleen Acre today you can help us continue the hard work of restoring this magnificent slice of the Australian outback.

What you receive

Make a yearly contribution of $100 per acre and you will receive:

 A certificate acknowledging your valuable contribution
A fact sheet about Wooleen Station
A quarterly newsletter updating you on the Wooleen story, our progress and activities.

Why not Adopt an Acre as a gift for a loved one?

Wooleen Station is not registered as a tax deductible gift recipient and any person making a “contribution” to our Adopt an Acre program should seek their own advice regarding the tax deductibility of the amount.

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Land Regeneration - Adopt An Acre

Wooleen Station is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the outback for the purpose of sustainable production and healthy vibrant ecosystems into the future. To help us achieve our goals, Adopt An Acre today.