Walk Trails

Strongly Recommended
Wear shoes.
Wear sun screen.
Watch out for snakes.
Leave enough time to return before sundown.
Do not try the edible plants.

The Wooleen Walk Trail is approximately 2.3 kilometres long.

White markers indicate the path you should be following.

The triangle shapes they make also point you on the way.

Look closely for plant nametags, you will find them at the base of plants.

Trail Start

Wooleen Walk start point: The steam engine outside the gate

Wooleen Walk start point: The steam engine outside the gate

The trail begins at the old steam engine outside the front gate (not the one inside).

Follow the arrow!

Walk Trail Guide book

When you walk the trail, you will have your own Guide Book that provides detailed information about the ecology, history and culture of Wooleen.

A sample from the Guide Book is shown below

Acacia tetragonophylla

The seeds from this tree and similar species were eaten raw when soft, and crushed and mixed to make flour when hard.

The Aboriginal Yamaji Wadjarri people used the stones next to this tree for this purpose, and the perfectly smooth areas on them can easily be felt today.

They are very old and predate white settlement by hundreds of years.

The sharp new leaves of this plant are also inserted around the base of a wart to get rid of it. After doing this for a few days the wart dries up and disappears. It is very effective.