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Wooleen Station is in Western Australia, 700kms north-north east of Perth on the Twin Peaks-Wooleen Road. You'll find us 193 kms from the nearest town and 130kms from bitumen road, in the Shire of Murchison.

Our latitude/longitude:  -27.087630, 116.161848

By Road

The station is 680kms North of Perth, and 194 kms North of Mullewa. It is easily accessed from the Carnarvon-Mullewa Road or the Pindar-Beringarra Road.

For those driving to Wooleen from Perth, fuel is available in Mullewa and the Murchison settlement, which is within Wooleen boundaries.

Basic foods and amenities are available from the settlement.

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Coach Tour

Experience life at Wooleen Station with Villa Carlotta. The 6-day tour spends three nights at Wooleen including 2 guided tours, walking trails, birdwatching, and plenty of spare time.
7 to 12 May 2022
7 to 12 August 2022
3 to 8 September 2022
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By Air

Use our airstrip to arrive at Wooleen if you have a private or chartered aircraft. Wooleen is an approximately 90-minute flight from Perth.

We have two strips close to the homestead, one 900m and the other 1700m. See more air strip details.

Recommended charter companies include:

Corsaire Aviation - (08) 9417 1325 or

Geraldton or Perth
Shine Aviation - (08) 9923 3600

Albany Aviation - (08) 9841 5508 or 0428 922 838

Kalbarri Scenic Flights - (08) 9937 1130 or

Shark Bay
Shark Bay Aviation - (08) 9948 1773 or

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Land Regeneration - Adopt An Acre

Wooleen Station is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the outback for the purpose of sustainable production and healthy vibrant ecosystems into the future. To help us achieve our goals, Adopt An Acre today.