Q: Where do I go on arrival?

A: When you arrive at Wooleen Station please park at our reception and cafe, Milimanmanha. It's the first building you'll see on arrival. You can check-in with our friendly team and get all the information you need - maps, trails, walks, mountain bikes, tours and encounters. If you need a coffee and light bite before journeying on to your campsite or accommodation we can help you out with that too!

Q:  Can I use a 2WD to arrive at Wooleen?

A: Generally, YES. The roads within the Shire of Murchison are extremely reliable despite being primarily gravel. They are graded and checked by the shire works crew regularly. We always recommend traveling a little slower in 2WD and ensure you pay close attention to the road conditions. At times, heavy rain may make the road unsuitable for travel and so we always advise you check the Shire of Murchison's website for detailed updates. Click here. One thing to consider when choosing your vehicle is the limiting factor a 2WD has to explore all of the station self-drive tracks. Once you leave the main road and enter Wooleen you will be traveling on a different standard of road, not all of them are suitable for 2WD. However many other options exist for exploring the station including walk-trails, hike trails, push bike trails, tours and more.

Q:  Can we get meals or supplies if we don't stay in the homestead?

A: Wooleen Station has a small cafe where you can grab coffee and paninis. We also stock a range of local products including olives, sauces, chutneys, honey and oils. Frozen meat packs from local pastoralists are also available.  A full dining experience is offered as an exclusive option to guests staying in the homestead. A breakfast basket is available for customers in the Guesthouses but requires you to prepare yourself. The Murchison Oasis Roadhouse is only 37kms to the north of Wooleen homestead and stocks a good range of basic supplies and made-to-order meals.

Q:  If we book a bush campsite, can we still come down to the homestead for showers?

A: Absolutely. Wooleen has a toilet and shower block at the cafe and reception which you are welcome to use during your stay.

Q:  How do I find out about the road conditions around Wooleen Station?

A: The simplest way is to use the Shire of Murchison's website and check the condition report. Alternatively, you can call the homestead and find out from a Wooleen staff member (08) 9963 7973

Q:  What if I can't access Wooleen Station due to road closures? I've paid a 50% deposit.

A: If the Shire of Murchison closes your intended route of travel to Wooleen Station due to rain you will receive a full refund of your money if another reasonable route is unavailable - even if you're within the 14 day cancellation period.

Q:  We have motorbikes and buggies, can we use these to explore the station?

A: No. Wooleen has a strict policy about the use of motorbikes and buggies. Our insurance doesn't allow for these unless for pastoral activities undertaken by employees covered by workers compensation. The self-drive tracks can be used by cars or alternatively, you might like to try our various walk, hike and push bike trails.

Q:  I'm concerned about fuel. Where is the nearest petrol station?

A: The nearest petrol station is at Murchison Settlement, roughly 37kms north of the Wooleen homestead. The Murchison Oasis Roadhouse sells diesel and unleaded fuel. A 24hour card machine is located on site and you must have a pin number for your credit card. For details of opening hours or if you need assistance and wish to pay cash check the Shire website.

Q: Do you allow dogs or other pets at the station?

A: Wooleen allows dogs at our bush campsites and self-drives, but otherwise has a strict 'No Dog' policy in our accommodation and at the Homestead. We ask that you please respect our pets and our decision. If you are arriving with your dog, please remember to keep him/her on a lead during check-in at our reception building and whilst you complete walking trails. Wooleen Station does not use 1080 baits but suggests you remain vigilant at all times.

Q:  Can we get internet access or mobile reception at the station?

A: Yes and No. Wooleen is located in a remote part of Western Australia which has no access to mobile 3G or 4G coverage. The last towns with coverage are Mullewa, Cue or Gascoyne Junction which are 200kms+ from Wooleen. We encourage you to carry a satellite phone, EPIRB, findmeSPOT or other GPS tracking device in case of an emergency. You are encouraged to tell family and friends about your intended travel plans and anticipated dates of return. A payphone is located at the Murchison Settlement 37kms north which you will require a phone card to operate.

HOWEVER, the station has a free WIFI connection which you are welcome to use during your stay. If you've booked a room or guesthouse your password will be inside your accommodation. For our campers, a password is available upon check-in. Please remember it will only work within the reception and accommodation surroundings. Once you leave for your remote campsite you'll be without a connection. You should enable WiFi-Calling before arriving at Wooleen Station to use your phone during your stay.

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