100 years of Outback Architecture

By Frances | February 2, 2018
Barrel Vault Roof

This year the Wooleen Homestead (and many of its out-buildings) turn 100! To celebrate its history, we thought we’d share some of the stories which led to its construction and the unique outback architecture used to cope with the hot conditions. The Early Years James Sharpe purchased parcels of land to make up the Wooleen pastoral lease in…

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Travel the Wool Wagon Pathway to Wooleen Station

By Frances | January 28, 2018
Outback self-drive signage in the Murchison

The Wool Wagon Pathway is a self-drive route which exemplifies the true Australian outback. Following an itinerary, you can complete this driving holiday through some of West Australia’s legendary sheep and wool country, traversing the same tracks as the early wool carts … though the ‘tracks’ are graded gazetted roads these days. The pathway begins in…

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Are the gravel roads to Wooleen Station safe?

By Frances | January 19, 2018
Gravel Roads

“Are the gravel roads to Wooleen Station safe?” It’s a regular question around here. In fact, I’d say we field it at least once a day on the telephone and perhaps every third email during the season. The short answer is, yes. They are very safe. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow some basic outback…

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8 Station Stays in WA

By Frances | January 11, 2018
Field of everlastings, near Paynes Find

8 Station Stays in the mid-west of WA Travelling Western Australia offers a multitude of unique opportunities, and we believe the chance to stop at a WA Station Stay is one of the best. Stations offer a vastly different experience and way of life to other tourism experiences which are available. Sheep and cattle stations have…

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Wajarri Yamatiji Consent Determination

By Frances | October 23, 2017

On Thursday the 19th of October Wooleen Station was honoured to host the consent determination of native title for the Wajarri Yamatji people. The legal process for recognising the Wajarri Yamatji people as the traditional owners has been underway for 22 years and the on-country Federal Court hearing finally acknowledged their connection to 68,743 square…

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Dingos and the management of Total Grazing Pressure

By Frances | May 7, 2017
Dingo in the Rangelands

As ex-sheep producers we realise  there will be a fair bit of angst regarding our stance on dingos. We have not taken the decision to include dingos in our management lightly. It’s resulted from years of observing grazing impacts and landscape function. Just to be clear at the outset, it is not the dingos themselves…

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