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Climb a granite outcrop and have a glass of wine overlooking hundreds of flat miles of mulga, roos, emus, goats, reptiles and eagles. At the right time of year, a field of wildflowers the size of a small European country.

360 degrees of land and 360 degrees of sky. It's a bit like living in your own national park.

Wooleen is half a million acres of unbroken mulga landscape. It's really going to bend your concepts of space. You've never been so outside as this.

Australia was built on properties like Wooleen.

Ask any international tourist what's attractive about Australia. Open Space. Have you taken the time to experience it yourself? Fresh air, the milky way, complete silence and a couple of friendly people to show you around.

Bower Bird Museum

Walk down to the Wooleen Bower Bird Museum where you will find many old pieces that once played a significant role in station life. Many small dump sites where made around the station in the 1900's and a lot of the small pieces (and some of the larger ones!) where collected from these sites by David Pollock in his youth in a very rickety little cart.

In the Museum you will find the machines that made all the bricks for the homestead as well as the curved iron roof, wind mill parts, old tools and parts to a windlass.

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