Welcome to our new cafe and reception - Milimanmanha.

Originally situated 7km from the homestead, we've relocated the historic shearing shed kitchen to the entry of the property to provide a distinct focal point for visitors with its curved, domed tin roofline.

We've worked with the Wajarri community to name the building ‘Milimanmanha’, meaning igniting something - to bring to light new possibilities and new knowledge.

Upon arrival at Wooleen, head through to Milimanmanha to check-in to your accommodation or campsite and learn about all the activities or tours available to you during your stay.

The reception and café boasts a shop, providing an outlet for local creators and producers to showcase and sell products.

We're proud to be supporting the likes of: Ningaloo Roast, Burnt Barrel, 6530 Honey, Baston Grove Olives, Harris Homewares, Helen Ansell Artist, Janeen Horne Art, Block 275, and more.

Our cafe and shop is available to anyone staying at Wooleen Station. If you'd like to visit for the day, use the booking platform below to secure your day pass.

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