Dingo Encounters

Wooleen Station is home to two dingoes - Eulalia and Steven

We believe that the best way to educate people about dingoes, is by giving them the opportunity to interact with and observe these amazing predators.

Eulalia and Steven live at Wooleen and are bonded with the Wooleen Team as family. But don't be fooled, Pure dingoes can never become “domesticated”. They are genetically locked into their primitiveness. When you book a dingo encounter at Wooleen Station, you are dealing with dingoes in their natural environment, and they will be free to come and go, within the enclosure, as they please.

The wonder and excitement of being in the enclosure with these amazing creatures is indescribable.

What's Included:

Join Zali for a 45min-1hr talk on the importance of Australia's top-order land-based predator. Learn about the dingo's physiology, eco-types, behaviour, and importance within the Australian landscape. We'll have 15mins for Q&A at the end. (Please note Eulalia and Steven will not be present at this point)

For those booking the full experience, continue on to our private Dingo enclosure where Eulalia and Steven will be waiting. During this time the dingoes will be free to come and go and interact with you at their comfort level. Each experience is different and we do not force or control the dingoes to do anything. (Please note, full experience may not be available in 2023)

Dingo Talk Only: $25 per person
Full Dingo Experience: $100 per person

Important Information:

  • Maximum of 15 guests per encounter
  • All adults and children must be comfortable in the presence of animals.
  • Experience is not available to children under the age of 7
  • Children must be accompanied by a paid participating adult or guardian.
  • All participants must have the ability to stand and move freely; inclusive of crouching and kneeling.
  • For your comfort and safety, please wear enclosed footwear suitable for varied surfaces and to provide safety in the habitat.
  • Visually ostentatious garments (i.e. costumes, novelty hats, etc.) are not permitted.


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