Grand North West Wildflower Route

This is a possible self-drive route taking you from Perth to Karijini National Park via Wooleen Station. Consider it as a guide only and extend your stays at certain destinations to allow yourself more time to explore.

Visit Wooleen Station on day 3, where you might choose to over night or spend a few days to really appreciate all the station has to offer.

Please remember to check the road conditions and ensure you have a suitable vehicle to travel on the remote outback roads.

Day 1: Perth - Dalwallinu 273km, 3 hours

Leave Perth head north to New Norcia and explore Australia’s very own monastic town. Travel onto Wongan Hills with its various nature reserves, wildflowers and walk trails before heading to Dalwallinu famous for the Wreath Leschenaultia blooming just out of town. Drop into the Dalwallinu Discovery Centre for the latest wildflower and tourist information.

Day 2: Dalwallinu - Mullewa 243km, 3 hours

Head north and view more Wreath Leschenaultia in Perenjori, This is also the start of the Monsignor Hawes Trail. You must see Perenjori’s Church of St Joseph, view Morawa’s Church of the Holy Cross and Yalgoo’s preserved colonial architecture and Chapel of St Hyacinth, before heading to Mullewa and its Hawes designed Catholic Church.

Day 3: Mullewa - Murchison Settlement/Wooleen Station 239km, 3 hours

Continue north into red earth station country and marvel at the endless vistas of everlasting wildflowers. Perhaps overnight at Murchison Settlement (the Shire without a town!) or consider staying at the award winning Wooleen Station which also has station tours of the everlastings in season.

Day 4: Murchison Settlement - Gascoyne Junction 260km, 3 hours

Head north, stop at the natural spring of Bilung Pool. Seashell fossils south of Gascoyne Junction point to natural history of the landscape. Nestled on the banks of the Gascoyne River, the town is a centre for local sheep and wheat stations. Visit the museum and picnic spots.

Day 5: Gascoyne Junction - Mt Augustus 307km, 4 hours

North of Gascoyne Junction take in the beauty of the Kennedy Range National Park, boasting springs, cliffs, canyons and wildlife. Then travel north-east to spectacular Mt Augustus National Park, home of Australia’s largest monolith, surrounded by purple mulla mulla wildflowers in spring. Take time to explore, you’ll be amazed at the Aboriginal rock carvings.

Day 6: Mt Augustus - Karijini Eco Retreat 541km, 8 hours

Travel the 4WD Pingandy Road past Dooly Downs and Ashburton Downs, to the mining town of Tom Price. Refuel then into the spectacular gorge country around the Karijini Eco Retreat. Travel to the east of the national park to the visitor centre then view the spectacular Dales Gorge, Circular Pool and Fortescue Falls. Enjoy dinner at the Karijini Eco Retreat Restaurant.

Day 7: Karijini - Exmouth 700km, 7.5 hours

Travel to Tom Price and refuel. Continue via Doradeen Road and Milne Road before joining Nameless Valley Drive and onto Nanutarra Drive for your journey to Exmouth. Turn left at Nanutarra Roadhouse at North West Coastal Highway and then right at Burkett Road travelling into Exmouth. On arriving in Exmouth discover the Cape Range National Park’s pristine beaches and deep rugged canyons. 630 species of flowering plants are found here. The red centred Sturt Pea is one of 12 endemic species found in the park.

Day 8: Exmouth - Carnarvon 367km, 4 hours

The drive to Carnarvon will reward you with displays of Parakeelya, purple vetch, northern bluebells and seasonal everlastings. Contact the Visitor Centre for local information on where to see the best displays.

Day 9: Carnarvon - Shark Bay 324km, 4 hours

Look for seasonal everlastings along the roadside on the turn off to Shark Bay. Visit Francois Peron National Park, where the contrasting colours of the scenery range from deep reds to ocean blues and are as vivid as the wildflowers. The Shark Bay Daisy, Wattles, Dampiera and purple peas are commonly found in this area.

Day 10: Shark Bay - Kalbarri 370km, 4.45 hours

Kalbarri National Park is home to breathtaking coastal cliffs and deep river gorges that contrast with endless sand plains. The National Park has roughly 800 species of native flora, many of which are endemic species, including the Kalbarri spider orchid.

Day 11: Kalbarri - Geraldton 152km, 1.5 hours

Colourful wildflowers of many varieties can be seen on roadside areas along this drive via Northampton. Take the detour just north of Geraldton into the Chapman Valley where wildflowers abound and gourmet delights will entice you to stay a while and explore the region.

Day 12: Geraldton - Cervantes via Mingenew 377km, 4.5 hours

Head south via Dongara to Mingenew and the wildflower hotspot of the Coalseam Conservation Park, often carpeted in stunning white, pink and yellow everlastings during springtime. Nearby towns Three Springs, Carnamah Coorow also offer spectacular displays. Lesueur National Park alone features more than 800 species.

Day 13: Cervantes - Perth 220km, 2.5 hours

Head south to the Pinnacles where Tuart woodlands fill the valleys between vast areas of heath, acacia and myrtle, banksias and casuarinas. Return to Perth along the new and scenic Indian Ocean Drive.

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