Adopt A Gift Acre

Adopt A Gift Acre

Christmas Hat at Wooleen Station

Santa Hat at Wooleen Station

You can help us continue our quest for sustainable land regeneration by Adopting a Gift Acre on Wooleen.

When you Adopt an Acre for your loved one this holiday season, your gift will make a meaningful difference to restoring Wooleen so that it can be used sustainably by future generations. Your gift will be a year long recognition of a commitment to future sustainable land use and land rehabilitation.

What your gift recipient will get….
Make the donation of $100 per acre and the gift recipient will receive:

  •  A certificate acknowledging the valuable contribution
  • A fact sheet about Wooleen Station
  • A quarterly newsletter updating them on the Wooleen story, our progress and activities.

Please note: All adoptions received after the 17/12/2015 for Christmas will be emailed

Adopt A Gift Acre

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Please Remember: Wooleen Station is not registered as a tax deductible gift recipient and any person making a “contribution” to our Adopt an Acre program should seek their own advice regarding the tax deductibility of the amount

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Land Regeneration - Adopt An Acre

Wooleen Station is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the outback for the purpose of sustainable production and healthy vibrant ecosystems into the future. To help us achieve our goals, Adopt An Acre today.