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In July 2021 Wooleen Station is delighted to be partnering with the Andrew’s family to host the nationally renowned Natural Sequence Farming, Tarwyn Park Training.
The conservation and regeneration of the rangelands is our key focus at Wooleen. The rangelands are described as a renewable resource, but this is only possible if we manage the land so that it is able to renew itself. That’s why we are thrilled to host this progressive training in Western Australia.

Tarwyn Park Training is a 4-day hands-on workshop based on redesigning your property through Natural Sequence Farming techniques and principles to maximise productivity, enhance landscape function and minimise property costs.

During Tarwyn Park Training you will learn to;
– Read the landscape
– Rehydrate the landscape
– Fully utilise your property’s natural resources
– Locate, design and build landscape structures
– Redesign your own property
– Begin improving landscape function on your own farm/station
– Lower your farm/station costs and boost profits

The course structure and skills development is based around the Tarwyn Park Training slogan of;

– Slow the flow
– Let all plants grow
– Careful where the animals go
– To filter is a must know


This intensive course aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to understand and read the natural landscape. It is with this knowledge that you will be able to begin repairing degrading systems and creating resilient systems.

Priced at $2,850.00, the course fee includes course notes, a copy of Weeds, Guardians of the Soil and morning tea + lunch + afternoon tea each day the course. Accommodation and camping options at Wooleen have been heavily discounted by 50% as we’d love to have you join us for this unique experience.



and then email us for accommodation or camping requirements.

The story behind Tarwyn Park Training begins in the beautiful Bylong Valley, where three generations of the Andrews family have lived on “Tarwyn Park” the celebrated home of Natural Sequence Farming, originally developed by Peter Andrews.

Learn Natural Sequence Farming at Wooleen Station

Learn Natural Sequence Farming at Wooleen Station

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